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Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Howdy friend! Welcome to the Carb Cuttin' Corral. I'm your host, Casey the Low-Carb Cowboy and I've set this here blog up to introduce you to a world of mouthwaterin' vittles that'll change yer outlook on life for the better. Yep... these savory recipes packed with flavor will make you feel like ya ain't even watchin' yer diet at all but as the pounds and inches come off, you'll see that the proof is in the puddin'! It's my sincere hope that I can help encourage and inspire you to join the millions of people who are already enjoying the benefits of livin' a low-carb life. Whether yer lookin' to lose weight, boost yer immune system or just plum feel better and have more energy, you've stumbled onto the right ranch! So, what's my deal and why am I doin' this? Well, I struggled with weight, aches and pains most of my adult life. I like to eat and I've always been one helluva cook if I do say so myself. That, my friends, can be a dangerous combination. I tried different diets and exercise but bein' out on the dusty trail with my guitar, singin' for a livin' made it downright tough to hit the gym and I'd meet so many good folks who wanted to feed me and serve me their favorite local beers that my health began to take a whoopin'. At 44 years old, I had problems with my joints and nerves; I had gout and muscles that were in chronic pain; I was over 300 pounds and pre-diabetic to boot. Something had to be done but when sittin' in a pickup truck traveling four to eight hours a day was 60% of my job, I was in a tight spot. On top of everything else, I was losin' my ability to play guitar due to arthritis.

Then, one day, a friend told my wife about the keto lifestyle and at first, I didn't pay it no mind. I'd already done low-carb diets and the weightloss never lasted but you know that pretty little filly of mine slowly started introducin' me to the food and even got this ol' boy to cook it but as sneaky as she was (she cares about my health and wants me around for awhile), I started catchin' on but you know the old sayin' - happy wife, happy life - so I agreed to cowboy up and give it an honest go.

I can tell ya' that the first couple weeks were hell as my body was entering ketosis (this blog is certainly not exclusive to keto but to all you folks who want to lower your carb intake, just so you know) but once I started burnin' fat for fuel, things changed. I immediately saw weight loss results; I had energy and my pain started easin' off. I was given a second lease on life so I started readin' up on Keto and things made sense. As I mentioned earlier, I had tried different low-carb diets in the past but never really understood how they worked.

When doctors told me to stop eatin' red meat for my gout, I did but the gout never went away. They gave me pills to reduce pain and swellin' but as far as I could tell, they didn't work worth a damn. For my acid reflux, I was told to stop eatin' spicy food and tomato sauce; I did and the pain never went away. I still needed antacids and reflux medication 2-3 times a day and that ain't no kind of relief, pardner. But after fiddlin' with doctors for years, my body was finally healin' itself. I truly believe that the culprits that were puttin' a hurtin' on me were sugar and gluten.

These days, I eat red meat several times a week and my arthritis has subsided. I eat tomato sauce a couple times a week, have a few whiskeys now and then and eat peppers like they're goin' outta style but I have not needed an antacid nor had a gout flare up in over three years. When I wake up in the mornin', I feel good. I don't sleep nearly as much as I used to; I don't need to. I changed one thing; I got rid of unnecessary carbs and now I want to share what I know with good folks like y'all so welcome to the ranch party. I hope you'll stick around for awhile. I'll be hollerin' at ya' real soon but for now, I've gotta ride into the sunset...

Low-Carb Cowboy out! Yeee-haaww!!!

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