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RECIPE!!! The Low-Carb Cowboy's

A lot of y'all keep tellin' me that french fries are callin' yer name and I'd like to put a stop to that. One of the pictures below has a pig in a blanket (also low-carb) but this recipe is only for fries. It's pretty fun to eat like a 5th grader so I will definitely post how to make pigs in a blanket at some point this week. Jícama is referred to as the Mexican potato. Much like the taters we've come to love (and it sure shows) here in the states, jícama is a root and even though the plant that it nourishes does grow beans, jícama, in and of itself, is a fairly low-carb food with a net carb count of about 5g per serving. Jícama is crisp and lots of folks eat them raw like apples because of their slightly sweet flavor. When baked or fried, they taste somewhere between a sweet potato and a russet potato (the kind most fries are made from). If you're the type who likes ketchup on fries just add a little unsweetened ketchup and you might not know the difference. I've tried makin' jícama fries every which way I could (dang it! almost a Clint Eastwood reference) and they definitely take longer than regular fries to make because they are firmer but if you've got a hankerin' fer fries, these here will make your day (again… so close) and are totally worth it. You might find your own way to prepare jícama and I always encourage folks to experiment cuz you never know. I've stumbled across all kinds of techniques and recipes by accident. After all, I'm just some dude out here trying to stay in shape while enjoyin' my vittles same as you. I ain't got a chef's degree (whatever that is) or any other kind of degree fer that matter. Hahaha! Some stores offer pre-cut jícama which saves you time and effort but I have more time and effort than money and one thing I do know is that slicin' it yourself will save you a fistful of dollars (and there's the Clint Eastwood reference--thank you; goodnight)! I have included instructions on deep frying and baking billow. If frying, strain your oil to use for frying later. otherwise, this can get pretty expensive pretty fast. Before choosing your oil, here are a few words about oil. Besides the dirty 7 that I try not to use (vegetable, canola, corn, safflower, peanut, rice and soy), the oil with the highest smoking point would be avocado oil (520°F) so it takes a higher temperature to burn it. After that, burning temperatures are as follows: Almond: 430°F Olive: 405°F Coconut: 350°F Supplies: 1 large jícama per five eaters 3 cups of your favorite oil for deep frying Whether baking or frying, jícama will do better after 10 min of boiling. After boiling, Pat dry with cloth or paper towels. If frying, let sit for 30 min to dry before dropping them in hot oil and frying at about 350°F (medium high) until they are golden and as tender as you want them to be Pull them and place them on a paper towel lined dish to sop up some of the oil Season fries and eat Serving size ⅕ of a large jícama Net carbs: 5 grams

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