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Mason Jar Ice Cream!


The Low-Carb Cowboy's Mason Jar Ice Cream Now, a lot of folks figure when you bust out a Mason or Ball jar, you're about to drink your recipe. I know there's a few of you out there with whom I've passed around more than a few of those jars.

This here's a goodun though and easy to make. I suggest finding Live soda at a store near you. They use monk fruit as sweetener and that cola they make is awesome and also high in probiotics. It's not as thick and syrupy and not quite as sweet as other sodas so I find it very refreshing as well. You can use that or Virgil's New monk fruit/erythritol sweetened root beer to make floats.

You can get creative with this one. You don't just have to make vanilla. This is just a basic recipe which calls for three ingredients, a quart-size mason jar and a freezer. You're also going to need to use a little elbow grease with this one. Just look at it as a good way to get some exercise with a more immediate reward than muscles or weight loss.

You're getting ice cream this time, bubba!

Supplies: 2 cups heavy whipping cream 2 tbsp sweetener of choice Splash of vanilla

How to: Throw all your supplies into a quart jar and Shake for 4 - 6 minutes depending on how good is Shaker you are. Hell... Find yourself a partner and a y'all can go to town on it like the Von Erichs tag team rasslin'!

You can also add: 2.5 to 3 tbsp cocoa powder for chocolate ice cream


1 tbsp very finely ground coffee for coffee ice cream


Both for a mocha ice cream

The possibilities are almost endless!

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