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Mock Mama's Meatloaf

RECIPE!!! I reckon most of y'all have or had mamas who used to make meatloaf. Some swear by breadcrumbs; others prefer crackers. My ma' used rice and it was delicious but those days are behind me. As much as I loved that awesome hunk of beef and pork, I've had to change my ways. A guy who eats like I used to doesn't tend to live very long and those last few years are not what one would consider pleasant. Welcome to the wonderful world of substitution; today's recipe is all about fried pork skins. It might not sound appetizing to some of you but trust me… you need to give it a shot. Baconettes take the place of breadcrumbs in many different recipes and do a helluva job at that! Oh, some will call this one a heart attack special but we know what happens when we eat "heart healthy" grains, don't we? This is another great one and since it's Halloween season and some of y'all have younguns, I included a photo of the Meatloaf Mummy (or Iron Maiden's Eddie from Piece of Mind--he was the only character I could draw in junior high school and he was on my notebooks, books, everything but I digress). The recipe is the same but you shape the loaf differently, drape bacon over the top and around the sides (very loosely--not tight) and add 2 black olives for eyeballs. The Low-Carb Cowboy's MOCK MAMA'S MEATLOAF Supplies: 1 pound ground chuck 1 pound ground pork 2-3 cups crumbled chicharrones (pork rinds) 4 green onions 1 bell pepper 6 oz can tomato sauce 2 tsp Pink himilayan or sea salt ⅔ tsp pepper 5 cloves garlic 2 tsp Italian seasoning ¼ cup unsweetened ketchup (which, btw, is just as sweet as the sugary stuff--go figure) How to: Preheat oven to 350°F Crumble pork rinds in a bag by pressing on them with your hands or whatever flat, firm object you prefer Dice green onion and bell pepper into small pieces Peel and mince garlic cloves In a large mixing bowl combine all ingredients EXCEPT KETCHUP and mix thoroughly. Form your loaf on a lined baking sheet Bake for 35 minutes Spread ketchup over the top and sides of loaf and bake for an additional 30 minutes I was asked to include the net carb count and I agree that I should so here you go. I am in no way telling you how much you should eat but I am making up suggested serving sizes. I will try not to make them as ridiculous as the packages in stores. This one will be eight servings at 2 grams net carbs per serving

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